Thursday, 17 October 2013

Art Switch

Recently I teamed up with two other awesome artists, Dave Dekayser and Michelle Henderson, for an art switch meme.  The general idea is that the three members would do a rough sketch leaving the others to do a clean up or colour job on two pieces each.  It's been a good experience to see how the three of us worked off one another and learn a little bit about our processes, which is a mutual feeling we shared at the end.

Here's the composite done by Michelle:

And the individual final pieces themselves:

Sulu from Star Trek
Original sketch by Mark Kilkelly:
Line art by Dave Dekeyser:
Colour by Michelle Henderson:

Suki from Avatar the Last Airbender
Original sketch by Michelle Henderson:

Line art by Mark Kilkelly:

Colour by Dave Dekeyser:

Gollum from The Hobbit
Original sketch by Dave Dekeyser: 

Line art by Michelle Henderson:

Colour by Mark Kilkelly: