Saturday, 14 May 2011

Dug's Special Mission Drawings

Dug is my favorite character from UP (2009), so on my birthday last March I pretty much drew this for myself:

"Master will be most displeased to learn there's no more cake because of you!"

Kinda sad, I know.  But for whatever reason I decided to stick it up on the billboard in the animation room.  And as we all know, everybody loves Dug so this drawing attracted a lot of attention.  Even another student from the other group in the course (Abby I think her name is?) asked me if I was planning on doing another one of these drawings.  I can't really say no to a girl, so:

"Look Alpha!  I finally made him my prisoner!"

Only thing about putting these on the billboard is that everybody loved the drawings so much they apparently wanted to follow my thread and stick up all their drawings with pop-culture references on it.  There was all sorts from Duke Nukem, troll and procrastinating student drawings to cover up my Dug drawings, which kinda got out of hand!
But what was nice is that Abby put a small little note beside my drawings saying "These make me glad. :D "
I might do another sequel to my Dug's Special Mission drawings for her sometime. :)

My apologies for the crappy quality of these by the way.  They were too big to fit into the scanner so I had to take photographs instead.

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