Thursday, 26 May 2011

Lilly Woods Model Sheet

Finally got round to cleaning up this orthographic sheet of my Lilly character:

She's from a script writing project I did a year back with a couple of friends where we developed a ten episode cartoon series.  The project was entitled 'Lilly's Zombie Bunny' and was about the random mishaps of a girl who has the ability to see ghosts around her home town which causes her to be treated like a black sheep by other people.  Until she meets a smart-ass zombie rabbit named Ozmand who's on a mission from the underworld and the two of them end up in all kinds of screwball events you can expect from a cartoon.

It sounds like a bizzare concept but the mock-pitch we did with the Irish Film Board was highly positive so I'd like to keep this project warm for another day.

The main reason I finished this up was because I applied for a character design job (fingers crossed) and wanted to have something like this on my portfolio for their consideration.  I'd also like to try modeling her on 3ds Max sometime.

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